Your Pet Loss Poems


by Anna
(Washington, PA)

My Sweet Angel Max

My Sweet Angel Max


As I sit hear and cry
I question myself and ask God why

The pain is so real
That I pray for time to make it heal

I lay in bed at night
Just trying to convince myself what I did was right

I talked to you as if you are here
Just because I love you so, Max my dear

I miss playing the in and out game
My precious Max the house isn't the same

As the day and nights seem longer
My love and missing you just gets stronger

You touched my life that words can't express
I guess that is why I stay so depressed

As I stare at your empty bed
Oh the visions of you in it in my head

Max Please patiently wait for me
Until my time is up and my eyes no longer see

You where mommy's protector and my rock
So me feeling this way shouldn't be a shock

So sleep in peace my little boy
You where and are my pride and joy

Your Mommy FOREVER

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