Your Pet Loss Poems

'Mitze - Eyes of Blue'

by Steve

Mitze --- My Friend

Mitze --- My Friend

Living life with nothing to do

I came upon a cat with eyes of blue

She was tough, on her own and trying to live

One night I decide it was food I would give

I set out the food and turned out the light

And to the cat I said "good night"

After a month and a half I had a friend

I invited her to stay with me to the end

She had her quirks as did I

But our five years just sailed by

I was amazed by how much I could care

For that beautiful happy ball of hair

Things changed an illness I could not mend

The decision was made for her life to end

The vet slid the needle in

And the end started to begin

I held her, watched and then I knew

That the life had left those eyes of blue

She is gone and I am sad

For sharing her life with me I am glad

In my end and my soul does glide

I pray to see blue eyes by my side

Until then I have much to do

Even though I will always miss those eyes of blue

Good Bye Mitze--I love you.

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