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Your Pet Loss Poems

'Moppet, Our Rescue Dog'

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How true
by: Anonymous

I can relate to your beautiful tribute to Moppet as I just had to put down my rescue Angel "Co Co"

Like you, I thought I'd rescued Co Co from a life of pain, neglect and misery but also like you, I've come to realize that in fact it was she that rescued me ...

Co Co and I had two years together before God called her home - What a precious gift she and I were given ..

I miss her more with each passing day ..

So true
by: Anonymous

Big lump in my throat. Moppet ended up in a lovely home thanks to you. Your poem was so true. My dog is a rescue, but in future I will think in terms of him rescuing me because, you are right, my life before him was too materialistic etc, but now can't wait to get home to him, he smiles at me and yelps with joy and life is so much better. Oh I know someday he will be gone and I will be sad, but like you I'll know I've done my best. Lovely poem.

by: Donna H.

You are so right. Animals rescue us from loneliness and help us to see how God loves us---without reservation and with all our imperfections.

I hope you will rescue another needy animal since
you have a heart for these beautiful creatures.

God bless,
Donna H.

by: Margaret Handy-Williams, Dartmouth, NS, Cnada

What a lovely and very emotional poem. I am very sorry for your loss. Moppet was your best buddy. And still is. He loves you..

Margaret - hugs

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