Your Pet Loss Poems

'Moppet, Our Rescue Dog'

by Linda Null
(Dillsburg, PA)

Our Beardie Moppet

Our Beardie Moppet

No one ever told you what you did wrong
To be chained up and left alone in that backyard.
Fed only sometimes, never with fresh water.
But we rescued you.

No one ever told you what you did wrong
To never be brushed or played with,
Or let into the house.
But we rescued you.

It was an ordeal to touch you, to handle you
But it was never difficult to love you
Or to let you into our hearts or our home.
Yes, we rescued you.

We helped you to trust again
Not to fear human touch or voice or action.
We gave you unconditional love.
Yes, we rescued you.

You were our best friend and our companion
On our walks, in the car, on vacation, in life
And late at night with the strange noises in the house.
Yes, we rescued you.

But your illness and your age took its toll
On both your body and mind.
We did what we could, with love and medication
To rescue you.

We had to make that final, difficult decision.
And we came to realize, upon returning to that empty house,
That it was not us who rescued you
But you who were sent to rescue us.

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