Your Pet Loss Poems

'My Beautiful Baby Boy Buddy'
(Boo Boo)

by Dianna
(Litchfield Park, Arizona)

Life Without My Boo

My baby Boo what can I say,
You changed my life in so many a way.

Your spirit was pure, and your love everlasting,
Your bright blue eyes always understanding.

For over 20 years you were my companion, who helped
me cope during a divorce and feeling abandoned.

Then along came KD your mate of many years, I know she misses
you dearly, oh so much my dear.

I will carry your memory forever in my heart,
always knowing your protective bark.
And all the walks we took in the park.

My life will never be the same,
but I could not allow you anymore pain.

You see, you brought so much to my life, I will see you again
when the time is right.

The Rainbow Bridge I hope you crossed quickly,
and you are playing with Hook, I know Kathi’s eyes are misty.

Till the time comes and we are joined together,
I love you my boy, Always and Forever.

I love you Boo Boo.


I can't seem to quit crying does this pain ever end. I have a hole in my heart the size of the sun.

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