Your Pet Loss Poems

'My Good Friend is Gone'

by Glenn
(Sunset, Louisiana)

My Friend Cheri

My Friend Cheri

My good friend Cheri has left me. It's been a year now since she has gone. I still find myself crying from time to time. But the memories she left will last a lifetime. Here is a poem I wrote in memory of her.

Please don’t cry for me
It’s time for me to go
One last time I must pass
Through our home’s loving door

I will not return
For this is my final hour
To go to a new place
And run in the flowers

You showed me your love
In my suffering and pain
But the cancer has won the battle
Never to play with you again

My tail no longer wags
Nor will my paws cross our floors
You will have to carry me
Through our home’s loving doors

You was my best friend
Showing me love everyday
But it’s time for me to go
No longer will we play

I remember our bike rides
You never went too fast
For the slower we went
The longer it would last

One more ride will I take
In your loving arms once more
As you gently carry me
Through our home’s loving doors

I see the doctor coming now
With the needle in his hand
To set me free from this pain
And send me to another land

But I want to thank you
For showing me your ultimate love
By releasing me from my pain
And sending me to Heaven above

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