Your Pet Loss Poems

'My Life Long Friend'

by Dan Clark
(Morpeth , Ontario)

You have been my best friend for 14 long years

And now through this time I can not hide my tears

I sat there with you in my arms as the light left your eyes

And even though it pains me I must say my last goodbyes

I know your going to a better place were you will feel no pain

But on this sad day my tears they are hidden by the rain

I will remember all the times you were there when I needed you most

But it’s getting harder for me with every word my heart will coast

As your soul goes to a new world and you brave this bitter fate

My only hope and wish is that you wait at heavens gate

I do not know how long I’ll be but this promise to you I make

For all the love and fun we had I’ll meet you at heavens gates......

This is dedicated to Shilo a 14 year old chocolate lab that I had from day one. He was my only friend until last year when I got friends in my new high school but I remember all the time we had and like the poem says I know I'll see him again at the gates of heaven.

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