Your Pet Loss Poems

'My Love For You Gangster'

by Khadejah
(Bridgeport Connecticut)

I woke up in the morning mist without your tender doggy kiss

Knowing you that you weren't here anymore left my heart with sadness

But it eased the pain a bit knowing you're in a better place

They say it's called Rainbow Bridge

A place where all animals go when they pass away

Big to small I know you're there having a ball

I know at Rainbow bridge you must be having fun

I wonder if you ever think of me at all

I miss you more then anything

Without you here with me the days seem to just fade away

The world seems to move on again the way it had before all this

They say I should have never got you from the shelter

Then I wouldn't be feeling this pain right now

I told them this is part of the deal when you lost someone you loved dearly

The pain is here and it's here to stay

It's just a reminder of the days we used to play

The days where you were with me those many days

Night is night and day is day but my love for you will always remain

I shall die and my body shall fade

But my love for you is the one thing that will always remain

My love for you is like the stars it shines bright

My love for you is the grass no matter how much you cut it it will always grow back

My love for you is like the a waterfall it runs forever

My love for you is like the trees that shake in the breeze

My love for you is like the many drops of rain that rain down when it pours in a thunder storm

My love for you Gangster is always here and it won't be going anywhere

Long live your memory long live your spirit

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