Your Pet Loss Poems

'My Poem as a Keeper'

by Hollie Matthews
(Brownsburg, IN, USA)

They will come in by the dozens or one by one,

Born into this world not to run in the wild but to be raised for our selfishness

Keepers and volunteers of the Exotic Feline Rescue see this first hand

As the exotic cats are being brought in with broken spirits marked by man

We give these cats our outmost love and a large space of land

So every single cat can feel and live as if they can run in the wild again

Our passion to give a forever home for each powerful and majestic exotic cat

Is so each one can live the life with dignity and honor to stay at

In this wondrous rescue facility we give care and love

From the world these cats never dreamed of

The precious life of the cats that have been given to us

Is taken seriously to give each one a better life with success

We make sure that every cat has shelter, food, and clean spaces

As we see the cats change coming from harsh and deplorable places

Each one gives us their own and unique gratitude and trust

That puts a mark on our hearts that will always be with us

This bitter-sweet job has its ups and downs

As the up is the change for their better life

As the down is a loss of a loved cat that cuts our hearts like a sharp knife

As they leave our care, some with prepared goodbyes

And others so quickly right before our eyes

Our day must go on as we have the other cats that need to be cared for

As we drive home for the night the pain is something we can’t ignore

There are to many experiences and words we can not tell it all

For each cats soul will go to the magnificent place that ends their long haul

God gives us all a certain gift or passion for us to proceed

The gifted people that work at the Exotic Feline Rescue do this job for our cats to be freed.

Hollie Matthews

Once a volunteer, now a keeper

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