Your Pet Loss Poems

'My Sonny Boy'

by Janice Culver
(Solana Beach, Ca)

'Good Times'

'Good Times'

Our Sonnyboy has left us, though far away he is not, he lives on forever in all our hearts

Open your gates Dear Lord, welcome him in, my faithful companion, my very best friend

I miss you so my dear boy, you've left a hole in my heart, Ill love you forever even though we're apart

You watched over me always, you stood by my side, So strong, so loving... so very very wise.

Fond memories of special moments spent, you're sweet bark, your tail wag your soft soft fur.. and all those special places we went.

Run again my sweet boy and be with your friends... chase the birds along the ocean shore, climb the mountains, swim the rivers, like you did so often before

So gather those sticks for me to throw, I'll see you again someday, I hope you know.

By Janice Culver

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