Your Pet Loss Poems

'My Walk Alone'

by Jennifer Saing

We took our last walk the other day,

Inside, thinking you would never go away.

To the mailbox daily, you were by my side,

My sadness now, I can not hide,

The one I cried to when I was sad,

My heart now broken, it hurts so bad.

You weren't there to greet me last night or this morning,

Your passing came without a warning.

No more catching mice or shrews,

No more birdies singing the blues,

No more taking breaks together,

Or snuggling up in this crappy weather.

Today I say my final goodbyes,

Just thinking about it, tears fill my eyes,

My Psycho Kitty, I miss you so,

How I wish you didn't have to go.

I'll keep your spirit alive in my heart,

My walk alone, will be the hardest part.

~JLS ♥

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