Your Pet Loss Poems

'New Year's Beginning and Life's Ending'

by Anna
(Washington, PA)



Well as I sit here and face the New Year's Beginning
It is just so still, and empty with your life's ending

I know that this is a process that we all must face
I just wished your's had been at a slower pace

You gave me 7 wonderful and happy years
It just wasn't enough that is why I shed so many tears

As I sit here and cry, and know that your body is beneath the ground
All I can vision is you sleeping not making a sound

Oh how I miss your beautiful face, and tiny tail nub (nubbie)
I would give anything right now to give you a kiss, and a big rub

It's been just a little over 4 weeks now
And I still ask my self why and how

There are no questions or answers to ease my pain
And I have no problem expressing it, or feel any shame

You where mommy's little precious boy
And the funny things you did, oh what a joy

But the one thing I miss the most is YOU
I knew that your love and loyality was TRUE

M- My
A- Angel

You are my heart and soul

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