Your Pet Loss Poems

'Our Lucky Boy'

by Sandy Pegg
(Kernersville, NC)

You'll never know how hard it's been for us to let you go,

And I'm starting to wonder if we can right now I just don't know.

Not a day goes by our eyes well up and we both will start to cry,

We love you with all our heart and soul and that will never die.

The house feels empty it's not the same,

We miss so much calling your name.

That beautiful fur and those soft floppy ears,

Brought us so much joy for so many years.

Lucky I love you with all of my heart,

And it's honestly killing me us being apart.

My heart hurts for Daddy because he misses you too,

There won't be another because there's only one you.

We Love You Forever and Ever,

Mommy and Daddy

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