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'Paw Prints in Heaven'

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I'm in love
by: cami

That touched my heart my dog just died, he got hit by a car I was heart broken.

Paw Prints In Heaven
by: Anonymous

What a beautiful poem it made me cry as I am still mising my golden oldie Milo who left this world in Feb 2010. But it also comforted me. xx

Simply Beautiful
by: Anonymous

I too share the sentiments of the last writer. Your poem is so beautiful and so right. We will see our beloved gentle pets in the next life.


Marlene Eugene Oregon
by: Anonymous

Thank You so much for your poem. It touched my heart. I lost my beloved cat Katy on March 6, 2010. And I too feel that way, I know I will have reached Heaven when my Katy is at my side. Thank You for helping me to shed tears, that are healing tears. Take Care. In Love Marlene

Beautiful Poem -Paw Prints
by: Joan

This poem is just beautiful and you are right - to be with all our beloved animals who have gone to the bridge to wait for us - such a reunion, for me, would be pure heaven. I have never felt as safe, content and happy as I do when I am in the company of one of my beloved pets. I think they are God's angels as all they want to do is show us how much they love us - no matter the treatment they receive in return.

Paw Prints in Heaven
by: Diana

A beautiful poem, and every word so true.

Thank you for sharing it with us...


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