Your Pet Loss Poems

'Rainbow Bridge (Leo's Song)'

by Therese
(Victoria, Australia)

Our cat Leo was tragically killed by a car a couple of days ago. I am a singer songwriter and wrote this song for him. I thought it might also help others who are looking for comfort in their grief.

Rainbow Bridge (Leo's Song)

There is a place
Far away from here
Just how you get there
Is so unclear

And I dearly pray
That you found your way
To the other side
Where there's no need to hide

So just follow the river of colours
Don't be afraid there are others


Just cross the bridge, and find a brush
Lie in the sun, maybe chase a crush
And wait for us there,
One day we will appear
We will meet again
My little furry friend

So don't be sad
Or regret that day
We understand
You didn't want to leave that way

And we wont forget
How you brightened everyday
How you made us laugh
How you made us play

So don't look back just walk on ahead
We promise we will never forget


So just cross that bridge, and find your place
Do all the things
You were afraid to face
And wait for us there
For one day we will appear
We will meet again
My little furry friend

And know every day we will miss you
Our hearts are so heavy without you


So cross that bridge, and don't look back
We know your safe, amongst the pack
And we'll think of you
Every single day
Our little friend
This is not the end.

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