Your Pet Loss Poems


by Madison

This unscripted play
Is it truly ending?

You are weak.
You can barely stand.

This can't be the end.
You'll bounce back.

Or will you?

My heart feels heavy.
But I want to go.
Go to that bizzare place that exists only in my mind.
Where you're okay.
You aren't suffering.

But I go back to reality.
I can't just leave you to suffer.
They tell me to say goodbye.
They will take you to the vet.
I still don't believe it's the end.

I come home from work, and my family greets me.
All but you.
I ask if you recovered.
They tell me you died.

I want you back.
I'm still in shock.
What if you had held on a little longer.

I'm not mad at you.
You tried your best to hold on.
For us, your people.
I just want you back.

We meet in dreams.
I feel your soft fur.
I hear that little noise you made when you were hungry.

It's not the same.

I wake up.
Into reality's cold, inpenetrable walls.

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