Your Pet Loss Poems

'Ryder's Home'

by Lauranda

He Was A Very Special Angel

He Was A Very Special Angel

Ryder will be going to his new home

He will be crossing the Rainbow Bridge after the shot is given

He will be meet by his friends that were here on earth.

His friends will greet him with so much love

"Welcome home, Buddy"

"Glad to see you"

They will say

"Let go Ryder, we have a beautiful world to show you"

The Angel picked Ryder up and cradled him in her arms

You where loved very much on earth

It was time for you to come home

They where looking down from the clouds

He suddenly heard his Master say

"I loved you so much"

"You taught me to stay strong when it got tough and keep going forward"

"You will always be in my heart"

"Welcome home, Ryder, welcome home"

by Lauranda D Dec 16 08

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