Your Pet Loss Poems

'Sindy Our Darling Westie'

by Lynda & David Olden
(South Wales, UK)

Darling Sindy, so brave until the end

We have lost a devoted friend

Your bright black eyes and twitchy nose

Are now in temporary repose

Take her in your arms Lord, hold her close

We fought so hard to keep you but it was a lost cause

Tears can't bring her back, our hearts are broken

Her poor sister Sadie keeps on looking

You are now the wind, the moon, the star

But the bridge of love is not that far

We'll meet again sweatheart, at the gate,

When we cross the bridge where you sit and wait

Bright eyed, pert ears and free from pain

And a lick from you will be our gain

We'll hear again your unique song

And it will feel as if you had never gone.

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