Your Pet Loss Poems

'So Much Love'

by Bob
(Lisle, IL)

In 1994 you were young
Someone thought you too much
Too hard to deal with too much work
You were abandoned then you were found
Caged and fed but still frightened and alone
Afraid of what the next touch would bring
A sunny September day
You wondered what would come
Would this day be like the rest
Would it be like all the others
A cage, food and water
But still alone
No home no loving heart to cling to
Waiting for nothing more than love

You lay there waiting
Coiled and scared
When the gate opened
The hands from the cage
Gave you to hands and a heart
Like magic your eyes and soft fur
Pierced my heart with joy
You crawled upon my shoulders to lay
Softly clinging with your claws
Was this someone to hold onto
Someone to be there
Your warmth your purr your tail
Were all I had to feel
I knew at that moment
That you needed a love
That would also never let go
I knew that would give you so much love

You loved the toys
You loved the treats
You chased critters I could not see
You wanted to be with me all the time
I loved you just the same
My lap was always there
For you to jump and stay
No matter what I was doing
At any time of day
You knew you could be there
For how could I say no
To your longing eyes and swaying tail
That showed so much love

You hated to see me go
I hated to leave if not more
If just for a few moments
To work or a even a day or so
You followed my everywhere
You just had to know
You stand in the window
Watching and fearing as I go
Why was I leaving
Would I come home
Would you be left again
Abandoned and alone
With nothing left but so much love

You were still in the window
Watching for the car
When I shook my keys at you
You knew I wasn’t far
You came to the door
I was home again
Not just for food and water
But to love you perhaps even more
You were feisty
You were fun
You were a pest
All wrapped into one
A bundle of fur with so much love

When you needed me
Your claws touched just enough
Your bites ever so soft
Your peer around a corner
Eyes wide and whiskers stout
You sniff and wonder at the patio door
When can we go out
Time for a treat time for a walk
Time to eat the grass time to climb a tree
You did not fear the brush I held
It kept you ever soft
Beautiful and shining
You knew it was there to help
So you lay in the grass
You purred and stretched
Full of so much love

You always slept at my side
My hand against you
Warm and soft
Your paw on my cheek
Or rumble in my ear
Told me to roust from my sleep
I’m hungry I want a treat
My box needs to be cleaned
Sometimes you were just an alarm
To get me to work in the week
Waiting for me in the bathroom
Or standing by the fridge
Sometimes selfish sometimes not
But always with so much love

So much love
From the very first day
At times aloof
At times annoying
Yet all the time loved
Your eyes your ears your claws your tail
Did nothing more than love
Your strut beneath my feet
Or cheek against my hand
There was nothing more to prove
No matter how tense angry or sad
You would always be there
To calm my stormy winds down
To a soft and warm land
With a purr of so much love

It is said
That love is kind
That love is gentle
That love is soft
That love is slow to anger
That love is comfort
That love is unconditional
For me love was my pet
For Spooky was all of these and more
She was there for me and I for her
Any day, anytime for no reason at all
Spooky gave and wanted nothing
But so much love.

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