Your Pet Loss Poems

'Sort of Miss Her A Lot.....'

by Samantha Moore

You are the white light!

You are the white light!

You wouldn't believe what I saw,
a really sweet cat with cute white and black..
Pure ice white paws with strength and might!
If given half a chance,
they would lead a merry dance,
capturing your heart and lighting your life.
They do not come often things such as this,
fleeting quicker than the eye could see,
a cat purer than any life in me.
They come like angels from the crazy tree!...
Come on you have seen them chase a laser light, that is crazy!.. aint it? ...see!!
Got to love it crazy little thing flying up the sofa,
like she just grew out of her whiskers and grew wings!!
It's not a story it's a feeling.... feel it.. love it
and cherish their pure love and the light they bring!

Miss you moo
^ ^

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