Your Pet Loss Poems

'Spiky Love'

by Emma Louise Dickenson

Tinkerbelle - Feb. 2008 - Feb. 2012

Tinkerbelle - Feb. 2008 - Feb. 2012

Soft pussycat paws, dancing their love on my stomach. Spiky pussycat love.
A sweet affectionate gesture always tinged with pain. Yes pussycat love is spiky, but the pain is in my heart today and not on my stomach. For your pussycat paws will dance no more.

No more will your purrs soothe my sleep.

No more shouts for breakfast when the morning comes...

Yours was always the first voice I heard. Your conversation always the first of the day.

There is still food in your bowl, but it will soon be emptied like my heart was as I said my last goodbye to you.

I did the last kind thing that I could do for you today, dear, sweet, furry, little angel... Even though I hated myself for it.

No more tickly whiskers in bed.
No more snuggles on the sofa.
No more beautiful silhouette against the sunlit window. No more...

Sleep well pussycat. I hope that in your next adventure the sunshine is always warm on your face. I hope you are surrounded with love and have all the fishsticks you can eat.

Pussycat love is spiky...
It hurts, pussycat love.

RIP Tinkerbelle, my beautiful beautiful friend xxxxxxxx

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