Your Pet Loss Poems

'Suesy 'Power of Flight''

by Kelly Cardew
(Perth, Wa)

Suesy *Power of Flight* - 29.09.88 to 30.03.07

Suesy *Power of Flight* - 29.09.88 to 30.03.07

No words can describe the beauty of her way,
the elegance of her movement,
the sweet sound of her neigh,
Nothing can replace the happiness she gave,
the partnership we shared,
in my heart these memories I did save.

Our friendship was beautiful,
and lasted for 9 years,
You were there for me to cuddle
through the laughter and the tears

Cheers and laughter, moans and groans,
blue sashes and trophies and broken collarbones,
I'll cherish your memories, even the sad,
And I'll never forget the great times we had.

On the 30th March 1997,
the angels arrived and took you to heaven,
for you to run along peaceful
and painfree,
up in that green paddock, that stretches as far as
you can see.

You will always have a special place in my heart
to touch,
Thank you Suesy, for all the love
you brought to us,
And as I breathed in deeply and let out a sigh,
I whispered gently as my heart broke,

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