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Shotz and Jessica
by: Margaret Handy-Williams, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

I am SO sorry for your loss of Shotz, Jessica.
You're poem was VERY touching...I feel really bad for your excruciating pain you are going through. What you and Shotz had was a true love and an undeniable friendship you shared everyday.(And as you already know), this special love will always carry in your heart, and will carry in Shotz heart (you're right he is looking down on you). All your happy memories will be in your hearts forever..

My Spike (my precious yellow lab here at Pet Loss Matters) will look out for your beloved Shotz. We miss our boy everyday. But Spike always puts a smile on our faces when we talk about him. And sometimes we laugh, like the time my husband chased Spike around the yard, and later tackled our poor dog to the ground, because Spike had a dead crow (it's tail) sticking from his mouth. The vision is still funny.

Take Care, Jessica,

Margaret - hugs

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