Your Pet Loss Poems

'The Greatest Gift'

by Jessica Edwards
(Covington, KY)

Me and My Baby Girl

Me and My Baby Girl

I hate I know you're watching me and see the tears I cry;

You feel my grief, my sorrow and you hear my constant 'Why?'.

You know each time I force a smile, each time I say 'I'm fine';

I'm lying, not being honest, because your loss never leaves my mind.

How hard this all must be on you to only watch from Heaven above;

To not be able to snuggle close to me and reassure me I am loved.

When I whispered you could go and Mommy would be okay;

Shotz, I never truly thought your time was on that very day.

I would never want you to suffer, Baby Girl, nor hurt, nor feel pain;

I'm struggling & I'm so very lost, but my promise was not in vain.

God gave you as a gift to make me the best I could be;

Because of you I learned how to love and trust because that's all you ever gave to me.

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