Your Pet Loss Poems

'The Message'

by Margaret Loring
(Marlborough, MA)

Five years ago on this (2010) Mother's Day I lost a sweet little friend named "Pippy" who had come to our front door one October night four years previously. He was a very healthy four and a half year old cat and the vet called to tell me how healthy he was and that he'd had his fur trimmed and would be available for pick-up in a couple of hours.

Ten minutes later the vet called to say he was gone, as he had stopped breathing while recovering from the anesthesia. Just the night before he had hugged me (it was Mother's Day then) in a way he had never done before. It was as if he was saying good-bye. Here is the poem I wrote:

One dark October night
A fluffy ball of black and white
Was led to our door -
Who grew to nudge with love
And speak in tones we'd understand,
Each day growing more and more.

One bright May tsar-filled night
Standing before us - black and white
As if led by Grace -
Then paws on shoulder and
With neck nuzzling and purr to ear
Now resting in embrace.

Next bright day -dark as night
All things seem gray from black and white.
Then in mind I see -
A cloudless sky and blue
A field with yellow butterflies
And our Pippy prancing free.

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