Your Pet Loss Poems

'The Road Scholar'

by Donna M. Davis-Prusik
(Atchison, Kansas, USA)

Piggy, The BirdMicester of Westport

Piggy, The BirdMicester of Westport

I did not realize
A door to my heart was ajar
'Til boldly confident
You strode right in
Without the courtesy
Of a "How do you do?..."
Your dowdy coat and dingy fur
Were no more than one expected
From one so brazen as
The Road Scholar

Your subtle insinuations,
Loving gestures, coy hints
And shameless pleas
Left me helpless against
The gentle influence of
Your quizzical whiskered face
And patient expectant stare
With tail neatly curled 'round
The amazingly furry toes of
The Road Scholar

Paws that stumbled and pranced
About my bed at night
Tail that tickled my ears
The constant shedding of fur
Our "fights" at bath time
And the God-awful, "Awk!",
You uttered when humans were slow
Or when you wanted to be let go

"No more hugs, please -
Someone might SEE that
You ruffled my dignity!...

Endearing memories of my friend
The Road Scholar

Dust bunnies skittering across the floor
Your favorite sunny spot by the door,
The bushes where you hid in the yard
Trying to catch me off guard...
Constantly remind me of you.
Unfortunately, over the years
I forgot the doors in our hearts
Swing both ways, and things
That you love, can't always stay

Thank you for your company
I wish you safe Journey
My Friend...

Donna M. Davis-Prusik; 9Apr1995

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