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Your pet loss poem
by: AnonymousRohini Singh

Hello Sir,

I know that it`s too difficult to live without your dearer one. This can understand by a pet-lover only. It seems like a hell. Some times,it`s too hurts, when we want to see them, but unable to watch them.
I too have lost my 2-Labras, though 1 year has been passed. But, still now, I'm unable to survived from this great loss of mine. Each & every moment of my life, I miss them. But, whenever I remember them, I used to open this site & read it. It gives me some relief. It also realizes me that they are also waiting with me & they also want to meet me.
My sympathies are with you. Your poem has also given me some relief. We all have a hope only that definitely, one day we will be there with them and never ever departed again.

By Rohini Singh.

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