Your Pet Loss Poems

'Where are you, Lucy?'

by Kelly
(Perth, West Australia)

She was tiny and weak, all skin and bone
Unwanted and dumped she didn't have a home,
This little black and white kitten just wanted love,
At only four weeks old, she wasn't ready to go to the heavens above.

I took you home, and let you sleep in my bed
Every two hours I would feed you while I stroked your tiny head
For two whole weeks I kept you by my side,
Watching you grow stronger made my heart swell with pride.

I called you Lucy, and from then you were mine
You always wanted to be with me or else you would pine
The bond we shared meant from me you never liked to part
Every time I had to leave you your cries would break my heart

As life went on everywhere I went you came too
And each day I would tell you Lucy I love you
And everytime I said it you would look at me and reply
With a look of pure love so deep it made me cry.

But then one day I arrived home and you weren't there
Your cute little meow never again would I hear
You would never leave me so what happened to you?
Who would want to hurt my little lulu?

Every night for weeks I cried out your name
But all my searching I knew was in vain
I knew with sadness that my dear Lucy had passed on
There was no other place but mine that she would call home.

It's been months now since I last saw your face
But in my heart there is a special place
For a cute little cat coloured black and white
Who still gets told I love you, each and every night.


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