Your Pet Loss Poems

'Where Is Kiwi Now'

by Charles
(Washington State, USA)

Gone are the sounds of soft scratching at my door.
No more gentle licks when I lay upon the floor.
The exuberant greetings, when he saw me head his way;
All these, and other blessings, are missing from my day.

Where are his leash and harness, I held so many times?
Where is his little bed, that used to sit on mine?
His toys no longer lay here and there upon the floor.
She put away his things, so we wouldn’t miss him any more.

So why does my heart still ache each and every day?
Why this emptiness inside me that just won’t go away?
Why does each day end the way that it began;
With tears in the eyes of this pathetic old man?

Though our time together was short, as far as lifetimes go;
He became so much a part of me, it seems he was always so.
Memory after memory, they keep come crashing in.
Memories of things we’ve done and places that we’ve been.

His quizzical look and the tilt of his small head;
Trying his best to understand everything I said.
The unfaltering gaze, as he sat and looked me.
The adoration in his eyes, like some unspoken plea.

I remember little Kiwi, when he was strong, fast and trim;
Carrying his frisbee that was half the size of him.
And I remember his later days, when his pace began to slow,
And I often had to carry him wherever we would go.

I remember the last day I spent with my little friend:
How agonizing my decision his precious life should end;
The vet’s dire prognosis, which left us little recourse;
The penitent perdition of my soul’s remorse.

I held him those final moments, as he received his fatal shot;
Until his heart stopped beating, while wishing mine was not.
I laid him down upon the table, for his eternal rest.
I pet him one last time and prayed that he’d be blessed.

So where is Kiwi now Lord, that he’s no longer in my arms?
Is someone there to care for him and keep him safe from harm?
Where is that little dog who meant so much to me?
Will there ever come another day his cherished face I’ll see?

If he is no more, and I will soon no longer be,
Then I give him thanks that this dust, that once was he,
Was ever so much more than just dust to me;
If only for that tiny fraction of all eternity.

But if we go on Lord, and you should hear this prayer,
Keep him somewhere safe and warm and free.
And when the day comes that death shall come for me;
I pray Lord take me there; please God take me there.

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