Your Pet Loss Poems

'With Gratitude & Love'

by Trish Duncan
(Victoria, BC )

Kaesha & Kenta Together Forever

Kaesha & Kenta Together Forever

Only hours have passed since you were here, lying in your bed.

You were having trouble taking breaths, I wish was only in my head.

Although you chose last night to leave, as sudden as it was,

I knew I had to say goodbye without understanding the ‘because’.

Today I look into the open field, where you and Kaesha once played,

Comforting myself with the thoughts, of a reunion you have made.

We are left with extraordinary gratitude, of times that we spent.

Cherishing the love and memories, of every place we went.

Go run and play with Kaesha once more, as you are not alone.

Look down on us from time to time, remembering what you used to call home.

We will be here missing you both, and know that we are okay.

And will look forward to the time we meet, where we can play again all day…..

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