Your Pet Loss Poems

'You May Go But You Chose To Stay'

by Tesia Cannon
(Layton, Utah)

I remember it was a nice day outside.
We left for a few hours.
And came home to find you not feeling well
Not walking right.
The angels of God were calling you home.
There you layed on the living room floor.
You looked in to my eyes and I knew the look in
Your eyes meant you were ready to go to heaven.
I had a poem I wanted to read you.
We got you in the car and I sat holding your neck the whole way there to the vet.
They tried to get you in the back you would go
I walked back there with you.

I read this poem as you had a few minutes of life left.

Dear Buddy

The last few years you have been here with us has been great. Now I can see you have not been doing good. And now I know it's your time to go. I under stand that you always can't stay for ever. Will always have a place in my heart where no other dog can fill that spot.

I loved you my best friend. I hope you have a great time in heaven. I hope you get to meet Grandpa Bill. I know he will take good care with of you up there. Someday when I grow old and have grey hair and it's my time to go I want you to know that I never forgot about you. I will have a pic in my house of you. You're my best friend but an animal friend. I will read this before I go to bed.

Now as they put the shot in and as you start to fall asleep for the last time. As I watch you close your eyes for the last time. I watch you leave your body. It was dark outside a storm was coming and when I got home it cleared up.

Buddy did you go to heaven or did you stay here with me. Are you waiting at the golden gates of heaven for me. I feel you're still here. Buddy open your wings and fly to heaven. Go be with your doggie friend. Was that you last night I heard. Was that you I felt next to me last night. Was that you I saw the indent in your doggie bed.

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