Your Pet Loss Poems

'Your Shadow'

by Benji
(North Carolina)

There's a shadow looming over me,
it follows me everywhere I go.
No one else can see it,
but it's there, I know.

It puts a smile on my face,
when I find a lock of golden hair.
It brings a tear to my eye,
when your gentle expression isn't there.

It watches over me as I sleep,
crying out your name.
It longs to comfort me as I cry,
wishing the pain would go away.

It guides me through my grieving,
as I long to see you again.
It's always there beside me,
a kind and gentle friend.

It never leaves my side,
no matter what I do.
It will always be behind me,
and I suppose it's you.

You may have left this world,
your body is no longer here.
But you never left my heart,
because your memory is still there.

Your spot on the floor is empty,
your favorite toy no longer squeaks.
And when all the dogs are barking,
you don't make a peep.

Your collar is no longer worn,
and your dish remains clean.
And when I look for signs of you,
they cannot be seen.

But your shadow looms over me,
following me everywhere I go.
No one else can see it,
but it's there. I know.

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