Your Pet Loss Poetry


by Chris

This is how you were found...

Left by the road, nobody cared,
You really hoped that you would be spared.
Out for a walk, along came a friend,
Heard you cry, and you hoped she would bend.
Called kitty kitty, then picked you up,
You were so small like a little tea cup.
You went for a ride, found a new home,
No longer lost, never alone....

We shall never forget:
The sweetness of your face,
The softness of your fur,
The brightness of your eyes;
Your playful personality.

We shall always remember:
The happiness that we shared,
The way you licked our face,
Your drooling when we fed you;
Your unconditional love.

We shall always treasure:
Your first day with us,
Your toughness during illness,
Your last day on this earth;
Your glorious life with us.....

Dear Maxxii.... you never will be forgotten

Edda, Christiane & Abby

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