Your Pet Loss Stories

'18 Months of Joy'

by Jane

My beautiful Maine Coon cat, Nimbus, died on Sunday. He was the most gorgeous, loving, giving animal. He was my birthday present last year, so we only had 18 months of pleasure with him. He was a silver grey tabby and the most communicative and expressive cat I have ever known.

Maine Coons do this incredible trilling chirp rather than a miaow, to greet you. Nimbus trilled every time he saw me and came to spend many evenings nestled on my leg, purring. He was so relaxed and accepting of all the love, cuddles and strokes he received. He never got tired of the love we gave, never bit or clawed us.

Nimbus you were an amazing cat. What a horrible way to go, hit by a car, a glancing blow on the head. You didn't have a chance. At least I found you and was able to cuddle you on the way to the vet. I hope you were aware of me being there for you and loving you to the end... and beyond. How can we go on without you beautiful boy?

Greatly missed and forever loved by Jane, David, Louie, Tank and Buddy. xxxxx

Til we see you again xxx

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