Your Pet Loss Stories

'A Farewell'

by Macey

"Homer is having kittens!!"

"I want to keep this one!"

Google, had the biggest eyes; Tis his name. He was a spoiled rotten cat. He was sweet, and cuddly. I lost him when I was eight.

Google got sick often but always got better.

Homer went missing.

Google was not the same after.

About 3 weeks later we had chicken for dinner. Each cat had their piece and I put Googles in the refrigerator. It is still there today!

My mom told me last month. "I didn't want to make you upset but..
He rubbed my leg and purred. I told him behave yourself, I didn't want you to be mad at me for letting him go."

He is no longer suffering.

R.I.P Google, gone but never forgotten.

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