Your Pet Loss Stories

'A Guinea Pig Like No Other'

by Kourtney
(Clay Kentucky)

My guinea pig that I got was my first and last one. I believe I called her baby beacause she was so small and and as sweet as she could be. I took my time brushing her hair and she never bit me once. I also made videos of her as a superhero she seemed to not mind the endless routine of being held and raised in the air to make it look like she was flying she never squeaked once.

A few years later after all our good times I noticed her eating habits in August she didn't eat as much as I refilled her bowl with fresh food. I then gave her a bath and cleaned her cage the same day she only seemed to sulk and lie in the corner and finally I had my Mom rush her to the vet.

On the way I told her it would be okay but then she slowly closed her eyes and passed away in my arms. When we got home my Mom told me the vet said she lived longer than most guinea pigs and she died of old age. But i felt like it was my fault. I didn't want to help with the burial, I was too empty and numb to take a look at the lifeless body of my best friend. I love her and still miss her to this day.

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