Your Pet Loss Stories

'A Letter for Finn'

by Itzel Yi

My little angel, Finn.

My little angel, Finn.

Dear Finn,

I freaken miss you every second, remember when I used to call your name out and you'd look at me, so when I said "Finn... I love you" all you did was just look at me with your cute innocent eyes. I miss touching your thin fur and kissing your soft ears, and pinching that cute fat under your belly, (you used to get annoyed and bite me), I loved to kiss your cute pink gummies.

I know you miss Mr Banana because you always slept on him, and you p*ssed everywhere except on Mr Banana. I remember you used to like eating that seaweed Nori, and you also liked chicken, and you liked to sleep on my head or near my feet, and you would pretend to suck milk from the blanket or your tail, sometimes you sucked Jake's tail.

When you got bigger you were too heavy to sleep on me so I always pushed you off and you would cry, but it's because you grew so fast your weight was hurting me. I remember whenever you did your business in the sandbox you never learned how to cover it and you would scratch everywhere except the sand. You liked the smell of my shoes and would sleep on my shoes sometimes. When I was in the bathroom and you would purr and rub against my leg begging for attention.

Even when I was a bad mommy you always came back to me for a gentle scratch behind the Ear or under the chin and it was your way to say "I'm sorry I always p*ss you off, I can't help being such a little idiot", and you p*ssed on my things not to make me angry, but because you wanted me to smell like you so that other cats wouldn't go near me.

I miss your very annoying high pitch meow, it's like you never hit puberty you always sounded like a little kitten. I want to thank you for making me a better person, I won't ever disappoint you, Finn, I promise. Please have a good time at Rainbow bridge, you deserve it Finn, you deserve to be happy and run around and p*ss anywhere you want. Please visit me when you can, let me know you are doing good. I love you Finn so much, words can't even describe how much I love you.

Your Momma,

Itzel Yi

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