Your Pet Loss Stories

'A Special Cat Tammy'

by Karen & Scott

Where do I start, we got Tammy our 2 yr old kitty from a rescue home, she was aloof but friendly and had a way about her that was special. I had never had cats before but something about Tammy made me change my mind and we took her home. She met her sister Pia and they got on fine most days but like all cats had their fights lol. Tammy was big sis in charge.

Our lives changed drastically yesterday, when we were out our house caught fire, our cats were inside. I cant explain what that felt like as our animals are our family, sadly Tammy was found dead upstairs and her sister we don't know yet. I can't explain the pain I'm feeling at the moment both me and my husband love our animals so much and they had even started getting on with our 2 rottweilers :)

Tammy changed my ideas about cats in a positive way and I will never forget her coming to me each morn as I woke and telling me in her own way she loved us :( Tears won't bring Tammy back but the love we have for her I hope she keeps with her till we meet again.

Goodbye Tammy xxxx

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