Your Pet Loss Stories

'Abby, Our Big 'Ol Gal'

by Sue
(Coopersville, Mi)

On a hot summer day our daughter came home with a little black bundle that someone had decided to throw in a ditch by the side of the road. She was covered with fleas, had worms and a hernia, but we loved her instantly.

She was a lover from the start and loved to play with anything. She ruled the roost over our little Cairn terrier that we already had, but they seemed to like each others company.

Amberly had to be put down in 2006 because of a neurological disease, but Abby pushed on. I lost my job in 2009 and we became joined at the hip because up until that time I worked and couldn't devote much time to her.

At first, I was mad that I lost my job, but being home with Abby became so fulfilling. She relied on me for companionship and I her. She was a very healthy dog considering her age and until the end of this winter seemed to be well. She started slowing down in the spring and I noticed her hind quarters were getting weaker, but she still managed. She couldn't sleep on the floor much anymore and relied on our select comfort bed for rest.

Up until the last week she still jumped up and down off the bed, but then she didn't want to attempt it anymore. She had stopped going down the steps about a month ago, so I knew things were changing. We never had her diagnosed with anything. I suspected arthritis but it wasn't definitely verified.

After she passed I did some research on her symptoms after the vet told us her back muscles were atrophied and she just used her back legs for balance only. I believe she had some arthritis and also some DM (degenerative myelopathy) plus some demetia. Her incontenence was getting bad and she was miserable because of it. I tried everything I could, but the diseases and her age were working against her.

I was so blessed to have her for 17 years, but I keep thinking if only I could have done more for her she would still be here. She was still a strong dog when we put her down and it made it so hard to make that decision. I know now she will have all good days and I can't wait to see her again someday.

I love you Abby and will miss you forever.

Rest peacefully Boo....

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