Your Pet Loss Stories

'Always My Best Friend Nike'

by Tim Baker
(Bowlinggreen Kentucky)

Hello I am hear to tell everyone about my best friend Nike he was not my pet but my constant shadow from the time I walked in the door from work.

He was a Jack Russell mix and way too smart for such a little guy. I had no plans of having a new dog as we had a nice dog already that was my wife's but her daughter comes home and says her sister got her a puppy for Xmas, so there he was the cutest little thing I had ever seen.

First night there he tore up two pair of Nike shoes that were brand new never worn. So I am out voted three to one and got the dog giving me these sad little looks so yep all parents know the speech, you take care of him, you walk him and water him and play. Well that lasted maybe two nights and his crying at night got him kicked out of her room and into ours. So now looks like I have a new list of chores to do everyday and wouldn't trade those days for anything.

My wife works late so it's just me and Nike at home all the time and man did we bond. I worked with him non stop but always made it seem like a big fun game, he learned how to count and do cowboy fastdraw. you could put his little toy gun in front of him and tell him to draw on three and man he was so fast lol.

I could go on and on about how great he was but guess I should he passed on July 4th 2012, happened right in front of me and our daughter. Nike went for a ride to the store with me and coming home right by our house Gretchen our daughter was walking by the road right in front of the house. It's not a very busy road but the speed limit is 55 and people do 70 so anyway I pulled into the drive and got out, I always tell Nike no wait but I didn't this time so he jumped out and took off to Gretchen and well I yelled 'NO NIKE' but it was too late.

Funny we had lost our cat on Fathers day and told my wife then if anything ever happens to Nike might as well bury me too and that's how I felt at that moment. I still thank God that he took him so fast, Nike passed before he hit the ground so he didn't suffer at all. I really can't tell you what happened in the next few moments as I just lost it and was upset and cried every day for two weeks. I still get tears at times but more like yep that's my Nike.

I love dogs always have, but he was something special and could never replace him but I did get another pup, his name is Braggo and he is a shelter dog and he has already wormed his way into my heart and he seems to like me pretty well he won't leave my side. And I know that Nike is up there on that Bridge trying to be the top dog and looking down on me wagging his tail and happy that his daddy has someone to walk with him and play with. So I love and miss you so much Nike take care and I will see you in time love daddy

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