Your Pet Loss Stories

'Annie Foe Fanny'
(The Little Princess)

by Randy

The day you stepped into our lives would be the day we would fully understand what unconditional love really meant. You were our beautiful Princess a little pug with a big heart always filled with love. Each day you greeted us at the door with your tail a waggin and with a big kitty cat bark (Not sure what that was about being a dog and all, but I would never change a thing).

No matter how bad my day was it was sure to change when I saw how happy you were to see me come home. Through tough times and rough times your love pulled us all through. I remember when you had puppies how it scared you to be a mom, but you proved your motherhood over the years with Molly getting up every single morning and cleaning her up. She's eight I think you did your job and I think she knows how much you loved her. She misses you Foe Fanny!!!

You were a great wife also I can see this in your husband's eyes. Mr. Chubbs loved you and is heartbroken without you. So you know he has stepped up his fatherhood duties with Molly you would be proud. I miss my Princess with a big leather fetish. Again not sure what that was about, but it was sure was cute watching you rub against my jacket, shoes and gardening gloves. I miss you snoring and your snorting no one demanded attention like you Annie, but what I miss the most is how everytime I pick up my keys you're not there to see if you can go. I miss my navigator!!!

Although our tears may someday end, our thoughts and hearts will be with you forever. Thank you for coming into our lives you made us better for knowing you.

Love you Annie Foe Fanny My Little Princess!!!

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