Your Pet Loss Stories

'Apple Pie'

Delightful and sweet.

The day had come when a decision must be made.

An average day with our complete family including 2 OAP Labradors, a spritely Springer Spaniel and our 2 year old toddler.

Such a lovely spring day had at last arrived the ladies roamed free to meander the trees and soak up the sun. A wanten look through the closed gate as we play in the sun. Her old bones warming in the beautiful sun as she watched with her companions.

By mid afternoon the clock ticking a job to do. We embark on our usual feeding round of animals. Load up the Gator 2 OAP's a toddler and stressed mother. Our team lead upfront by our Springer.

But my poor Apple Pie struggles to make the trip. Our last complete round of mucking out and feeding. A free ride around the fields aboard the Gator. Once the ride disembarks she struggles to her feet a stark look of bewilderment. Something has happened her body has taken a choice.

Now Apple Pies favourite time food however she struggles to feed. With assistance she manages to finish. Now questions must be answered and phone calls made. A stroke is apparent if only we could assist her ageing body.

A little breathing time is required a few special moments in the evening sun a stroke and brush. It is now time for professional help however the question has already been answered. No suffering allowed.

Our beautiful Brambley (Apple Pie) has been with us for 13 wonderful years through fantastic times, grief and challenges. She leaves her devoted family her sister and loyal friend our Springer. Her body had failed. Blind, deaf and ageing.

We had so wished for time. I had hoped my little girl would be able to grow up with you such a loyal friend.

We love you Apple Pie sweet dreams we miss you so much xxxxx

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