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'Baby Christian'

Christian at 4 weeks

Christian at 4 weeks

Christian was a beautiful 1 year old grey and white pit bull puppy. I would call him kitten because when you pet him he purred. He was the first born of a litter of 9 and we kept him and the rest of the puppies were adopted. He was raised with his mother and father at our home.

He was such a joy. He was so gentle and sweet. He would always lay on his back with his feet in the air to get his belly rubbed. Every morning he would jump on my bed to wake me up with a hundred kisses. He was the baby. He loved to run around in the back yard and wrestle with his mother and father. He would go into licking frenzies and jump up on my lap and lick me a hundred times.

Yesterday my brother in law was visting. My stepson asked him to walk him to the bus stop so his friends could see the dogs. I was at work. When my brother in law returned home he did not shut the gate properly and it did not click closed. My husband called me while I was at work and said that he had ran away. He was looking for him for an hour so we called the police to see if he had been found. They called back and said that he had been found up the street and was hit by a car. He died.

My husband and his brother went up the street and the animal control people were there putting him in the truck. I feel horrible. He was like my baby. I feel alone and lost without him. I just want him to come home and I know he never will. I am having a hard time dealing with his loss. I have a lump in my throat and my dogs are sad and looking around for him.. They keep whimpering...

My step son is so sad and I can't hold back my tears. I have so many what if's. I am so sad that his last moments were filled with fear and pain. And that he died alone. The driver did not stop. I just want to hug him one more time. I am blessed to have spent 1 year with him and pray that he is waiting for me in heaven... God bless my little kitten.

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