Your Pet Loss Stories


by Diane
(Milw, WI)

I found Barney a yellow lab in a dumpster in the town of Ten Mile Oregon. He was inside of a large dog food bag the first thing in the big metal container. My husband climbed in and brought him up. He was such a tiny little white ball of fur. He cried and nestled right in my arms. It was love at first sight. He was only 5 weeks old.

I gave him a bath, fed him soft food along with a bowl of warm milk. I slept with him for the next 4 weeks he went everywhere with me. We were mom and son. My son considered him his little brother. He was as good as gold eager to please. I got him toys and a special collar we went to the ocean together. I did't have any friends because I was new to the state. So Barney was not only my son but my best friend.

I put the word out but no one claimed him. I suppose for fear of being charged with animal abuse. After a while Barney had his own chair to sleep in. Barney protected me. No one could harm me, or enter our home or get in the car. That was his way of saying thank you for saving him.

Barney loved butter. He ate about a pound and a half before I figured out it was him. I kept it in the middle of the table, it took a while before I caught him. He never moved the plate and it looked as though I never put butter on it. All I could say was Barney you little stinker.

Barney was in my life for 2 and a half years. Until one day when I went to the mailbox down the hill. He got a little too close to a fast moving log truck. I miss my dear Barney. The pain of losing him still leaves an ache in my heart. I miss him so. We buried him under a tree on the property. I blame myself. I am waiting for the day I can hug him, and pray to god he forgives me for letting him go to the mailbox that awful day.

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