Your Pet Loss Stories


by Amy Badach
(S. Yarmouth, MA)

Relaxin' by the fire

Relaxin' by the fire

It has only been about 6 weeks since I lost Baxter but from the pain I feel it seems like I just lost him yesterday. Baxter was only 9 so that made it hard. And I never expected this...... he went to the vet with what I thought was a fixable bowel problem and it turned out to be Cancer.

That day will haunt me forever. I lost my little soulmate in the blink of an eye and I don't even feel like we had a great goodbye. I was just in complete shock that day. Oh how I wish I could do it over again. I guess a lot of people think this way.

Baxter was such a wonderful and unique little guy. He loved to sit on the toilet and wait while I took my shower. Then when I was done it was his turn (a sponge bath on the toilet). Roast beef was his favorite treat with tuna close behind. And I know this will make Baxter seem weird and me like I'm abusive but..... he liked to have his lower back/butt spanked. Not too hard but yes you heard me right. Every time my mom would come to visit Baxter would run right over to the spot for spanks.

Baxter, I love you.

Until we are reunited for eternity, xoxoxoxo

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