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'Bear, My GSD'

by Joe

Bear my GSD

Bear my GSD

I had to put Bear to sleep two weeks ago, he couldn't get up and walk anymore. I carried him to the entrance of the vet office, where he laid down and smelt the grass for a few minutes. I knew it was time, I carried him into a private room and laid him down onto a doggie bed.

My other dog Nika was with us, she knew something was up. I sat and petted Bear during the whole process, he was snoring and when they injected him with the last solution, he took one last deep breath and died. Nika became suddenly quiet, sniffed Bear and knew he was gone. He took the last long walk without me and broke my heart in the process.

Who would have thought it would be the hardest thing I ever did to say goodbye. He was 13 years old and gave unconditional love every day of his life, his main focus was to be with the family at all times. He will be sorely missed, I'm sure he is waiting on the other-side and barking in his high pitched whiney way telling us he is waiting.

I miss you Bear Man.

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