Your Pet Loss Stories

'Beautiful Henry'

by Susan Ray
(Derbyshire UK)

What can I say About Henry? He was the most beautiful bundle of fluff you had ever seen when me and my then Husband went to look at this litter of all black Labrador puppies. He was the first puppy to come running up to me and in that instance I knew he was mine. He picked me out as his new Mummy so we put our deposit on him and when it was time to pick him up we had gotten all his doggy things you need when you have a new puppy.

We also decided that we didn't want Henry to be alone so we went and brought a beautiful Golden Labrador we called Chandler and from that day they were brought together they were never apart inseperable sleeping close to each other, playing together all the things puppies do they brought us so much joy and pleasure it was worth it.

Henry was a bigger than average sized Labrador beautiful big dog with a beautiful head and big brown eyes he loved to suckle his cuddlies even as he grew older with age he would suckle as he used to from his Mum until he was tired. So Sweet and lovely he was a strong dog in that when we took him for walks he would more or less take us always hanging on to his lead bouncing up and down till we got to the fave spot where we could let him and Chandler loose to run around the fields madly running into us so full of excitment in being free for a while to run with the wind.

I miss those days so much and Chandler is now left without his best friend Beautiful Henry who was put to sleep on 25/3/11 after a couple of years of arthritis and towards the end of incontinence, not being able to get up to walk about as he did in his younger years and up until recently. You try and hold on to them as long as possible not wanting to make the heartbreaking decision to have him put to sleep. My heart was broken and still is , sleepless nights wanting henry back crying constantly but we knew it had to be done for Henry' s sake we couldn't let such a beautiful strong dog like him suffer like that.

Why oh why do we have to lose our best friends. My Heart is full of sorrow and aches so much it hurts. My Beautiful Henry you're at peace now sweetheart till we meet again in god's garden wait for me and look out for me. But most of all look out for your Best Friend Chandler. Sweet dreams beautiful sweet baby.

Lots of love,

Your Mummy. xxxxxxxxxxx

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