Your Pet Loss Stories

'Beauty and the Beast That Took Her'

by Fernanda
(Las Vegas, Nevada)

Well I didn´t know about this site until now and I´ve decided to tell you my story about my Cocker Spaniel. Beauty was a 3 year old pure bred all black Cocker Spaniel. She was the one thing I'd look forward to seeing her everytime I arrived from school. Funny to think now that I would talk to her as if she understood, about all my troubles, but secretly I think she did.

Unfortunately that would end. I had a concert on in May of 2006 and played and when I came home I saw Beauty lying down in a bunch of weeds in our front yard. I called to her to come inside the house. When she walked towards me she sort of limped. I told my father that what action she was doing was strange but nonetheless I carried her inside and sat her down gently.

Later that night I went to the kitchen and saw blood on the ground. I didn´t quite freak out because I'm not one to panic in tight situations instead I cleaned it up and examined my dog. I knew something was wrong. And it had to do with her leg. Immediately I went on the yellow pages on the internet and found an emergency pet hospital farther away then I would have liked but I didn't care this was my BEST (dog) friend's life on the line and I couldn't leave her to die.

I called my brother and we both took her to the animal hospital. When we got there we signed her in and the vet attended us. The vet and my brother talked a while without me in the room about the results. She had a broken hip. We are still not sure but I am so sure that some BEAST ran over her. It wasn't until then that reality had struck and I ran to the bathroom to cry my eyes out. We could give her surgery or the ¨alternative¨. I didn't want to choose but I wanted for them to give her the surgery so that she could obviously live.

The next day my mother picked me up from school and I thought I was going to come home to my Beauty on the couch or in her ¨home¨. But my mother drove me elsewhere. She told me that Beauty would have been depressed if we had given her the surgery because she couldn't run again and she was a very energetic loving obediant dog but it was her time to go. I cried... hard that moment.

That hole will never be filled of where that special spot in my heart holds Beauty. RIP.

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