Your Pet Loss Stories


by Taylor

I got Belle when she was just 3 months old. When my family and I brought her home I was so happy she was the first pet I ever had! She had beautiful fur she looked like a cat model! She looked like she was born in November, she had brown, black, gray and a little orange in her! My Mom said she was the funniest cat she ever had.

We got her right after my grand pop died and she used to pick up pennies and stash them in a secret hiding spot! That's what my grandpopp used to do he would collect coins and them give them to us. Belle wasn't the friendliest cat but you can tell she loved us in her own way.

A couple weeks ago we noticed she wasnt eating. We didn't think much of it since she was such a picky eater and was only 6 years old. When things got worse we took her to the vet they diagnosed her with fatty liver disease and told us it's reversible if she started eating in the next 48 hours. She didn't.

We took her to the emergency hospital and we visited her for two days she was so angry because she hated other animals but we knew she had the best chance if she stayed there. When I went to visited her it was the hardest thing in my life she was drooling and just looked so upset and tired. She put all her weight against me which wasnt a lot since she was down to pounds. She put her litle head in my hand and went to fall asleep. It was so heart wrenching when they took her back. She just looked up at me and I knew she loved me and she knew I loved her.

That night they called and said they would do the surgery for free since they knew we couldn't pay for it. They said to be slowly optimistic since things looked good. They called back the next night and said she had been violently throwing up and they couldn't let her go on. I begged my Mom to let me go with her when they put her down but the vet said she was too sick to bring her out and I wasn't allowed to go back where they were doing it. The doctors said she was already sleeping and they gave her the medicine and she went peacfully in her sleep.

I just can't help thinking what if we took her earlier or what if I was there with her. I love her so much and I will never forget her <3 I know she isn't in any more pain and I think of her in heaven sleeping on my pop pops lap.

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