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Still miss ya like crazy
by: Anonymous

Bad day today Benson can't stop thinking of ya nearly your birthday 01/12/11 you would have been 17. My heart still aches like mad, I kiss you every night, I miss you like crazy. Granny's rescued a new dog called Fraser you would have been such good friends. Sadly Russ died of cancer but I'm sure you've seen him so granny was alone, Fraser is helping. Gus the Bullmastiff fell asleep on 24/11/11 bless him. RIP Gus. Benny I will love you forever and never get over losing you my spudgie from your heartbroken mummy Tracey x x x

Benson will always be in your heart
by: linda

Tracey I know what u are feeling, I lost Fluffy yesterday 7/14/2011. She was a 16 year old pomerinian, she was my little girl. Reading about your Benson makes me realize I am not alone. STAY strong and think about the happiness he brought to you both. I DON'T know how I will do this but finding this site is helping me cope a little.

Our first xmas without you Benson
by: tracey

Baby our first xmas without you not here to open your presents and someone sent a card with your name on which was devastating. I love you so much baby hope you're happy at rainbow bridge and will wait for me my special boy irreplacable love you spudgie. Still so hard will be one year soon and still miss you like crazy my sweet sweet boy why could you not live forever. I'm devastated forever yours Benson my baby see ya soon,
Mummy and Daddy

Still so hard
by: Anonymous

Baby it's 20/10/10 about 9 months since you went and it's still so hard I still have all your stuff but nothing compares to you. Hope your ok without mummy and daddy at the rainbow bridge and made new friends. My heart aches for you every day till we meet again wait for me, I love you all the world supdgie.

Your heart broken Mummy and Daddy

Grieving too
by: maristela

I just found this website tonight looking for pet loss quotes and while I am already in tears and sobbing I then read your story, the first pet loss story I have read online. I just lost my boxer dog last june 29 at the age of 8yrs and 4 months and never was a day that I didn't cry. I just hope this does get better coz when I thought I was already doing better, it will then come back much stronger and more painful. I wish ourselves the strength to move on.

RIP Benson
by: Lynne and Gary

Awe Tracy, I know how you are feeling. Our boy Lewis crossed over to rainbow bridge nineteen months ago and I still have his treats in the cupboard and all his belongings in his memory box. I will never part with them. Like you and your partner, our boy was everything to us, he was our world. It is really hard at the beginning your heart and arms ache for them but trust me it does get better.The love you had for them in life carries on and grows stronger the happy memories will take away the tears and will bring back the smiles. Benson is never very far away only a whisper.

Lynne x
Twelve months at the bridge. How we felt after one year if you would like to read this story.

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